Many years ago my husband and I separated shortly after we had moved into a small house in Vancouver. Upon his departure we (myself, my 4 year old son, and my 2 year old daughter) began to experience some strange happenings. The kettle would turn on, the VCR would not play children's movies and yet I had no problems viewing by myself and most concerning the doors in the house with old fashioned skeleton locks (we did not have a key) would randomly lock someone in a room. On one occasion a friend was caring for my children and he could not open the bathroom door for the better part of an hour with my son inside. I shared these experiences with my close friend Christine knowing she would take me seriously. To know Christine was to know she communed with spirit as a normal part of being. We agreed that the active feminine-feeling energy was benevolent and that she had a protective quality. She did not like men in the house and they were likely to experience a door locking event, she did not allow the children to watch movies and the kettle boiling on what appeared to be it's own seemed to say “tea time”. Upon speaking to the landlord I learned that a woman named Unis had lived her entire life in the home, remaining there on her own after her parents death. She was a religious woman of high moral character. She had passed away not long before we moved into what had always been her home. Now here is where Christine and I differed on Unis. Christine stance was that Unis needed to move on to the light. I on the other hand was rather enjoying the novelty and even though she could be an inconvenience at times I felt her presence as protective. During this time a few friends had been out and returned to my place. Christine was in the bathroom when we heard loud crashing sounds. “What's happening Chris? Are you okay?” “ Unis just hurled plants at me. She has to go!” There had been two potted African Violets on the window sill that came at Christine and smashed on the floor. At this point I conceded, time for Unis to go. A few days later Christine preformed an honouring and efficient light ceremony sending Unis on her way. In the end it was the right thing to do and we never heard from Unis again.

Lee Ann - Vancouver