Profoundly Transformative!

"Both of the treatments I have had from Christine have been profoundly transformative.  One brought relief and resolution to difficult feelings that I had been unable to reconcile.  Previously there had been several attempts with other Energy Healing Practitioners that had offered some release but none that came close to offering an opportunity to completely resolve an emotionally overwhelming experience from the past.  Her work has enabled me to feel lighter, clearer, more hopeful and simply happier in a quiet kind of way- all benefits that I continue to enjoy and appreciate.  She is a skillful practitioner, able to navigate the complexity of the energetic realm with integrity, confidence and clear , attuned intuition.  She also has the rare ability to clear clients' energy fields of various forms of intrusive energies that negatively impact health and overall wellbeing.  I have and will continue to recommend Christine to friends, knowing that they will greatly benefit from her help"

Ellen -   Salt Spring Island

Sense of Well Being and Happiness!


 "I was fascinated by how  you healed my hip,  the sense of happiness, well being and euphoria I felt afterwards.  My friend came to see you later that day and she said that she felt the same way"


Leigh -Ann


Feeling Good!


"I think you must be a miracle worker!  My Mom hasn't felt as good as she felt after her last appointment with you in a very long time"


Sharon Schroeder


 Release of Emotional Trauma!


"I first met Christine in 2012 through a group studying energy medicine in the Inca tradition. I was attracted to Christine’s focus and clarity in the group and I was always impressed with the insights she offered in that context. She struck me as a gifted teacher and healer and I have personally benefitted from my connection with her.

More specifically, in 2013, I recommended Christine to my daughter (21yrs) who was suffering from anxiety and jaw pain. My daughter asked to do a hypnotherapy session with Christine, as my daughter felt traditional counselling had done little to help her. My daughter had a generally stable childhood but during adolescence and high school she endured some unusual trauma, in part, because she lived abroad in a very difficult environment. She was immediately comfortable with Christine and, during hypnosis, she uncovered some incidents which were not in her conscious memory but which brought up some dark feelings such as fearfulness and powerlessness. The incidents that came up were rather surprising for her as, in one sense, they were benign when compared with more dramatic things that had happened to her later in her in her teens. But it was as though she had certain feelings about herself that had set in and become stuck in those moments and the feelings and energy around the incidents were somehow freed up with the recall. She only had one session with Christine but her health has improved remarkably since that session. It was powerful and very beneficial work, and I know that both me and my daughter will turn to Christine for help when we experience difficult times in the future."




Freedom from Fear and Phobia of Spiders!

"I have been completely terrified of spiders my whole life. Finally, at age 54, I figured it was time to get over it! Christine was highly recommended to me. She handled our sessions with a very caring and compassionate manner….at no time did I feel silly for being so scared of insects. Oddly enough, I have not seen any spiders since we had our sessions, however, I was recently able to look at photos that a friend had taken in South America, which included close-ups of tarantulas. Prior to my work with Christine you could not have PAID me to look a photographs! I still don't like spiders but it the terror is gone, which is such a huge relief for me. I highly recommend this work for dealing with phobias."

Leslie Weber





Smoke Free


"After only one session I was able to quit and not go back.  I was a pack  and a half  a day smoker and I realized what a waste of money smoking was  and even  more importantly what was it doing to my health!  Hypnotherapy gave me the tools to free myself of my addiction"  






















Thank you!

"I highly recommend anyone to work with Christine as her love and passion for helping others is simply amazing.  After my second session with her I noticed real changes within me.  I felt free, clearer minded, lighter and at peace with everything around me.  Thank you Christine for your help.  Your healing energy and talent is truly a blessing and a wonderful gift to the world!"





Your session was amazing. That day I felt rough, my head hurt for the rest of the day, I rested but I had to go to work for a bit in the evening. 

Work ended late, I got only about 3 hours sleep then I had a full work day the following day. By mid work day I began to feel terrific,  so much so I went out after work with friends and had a ton of energy. I kept saying I'm so excited! haha

The energy with my last boyfriend moved dramatically. I feel at peace with all of it. It's a great feeling. 

Thank you so much, I really got some movement out of it. I have told a few people about you as well. 



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